JATU PLC is a Public Company Limited by shares incorporated on October 20, 2016. The company is mainly involved in Agriculture, livestock keeping, food processing industries, and marketing. The core Vision of JATU is to eradicate poverty and enhance human health through the production and selling
of food products.


Prior to JATU Plc being registered, it was a project within the non-governmental organization (NGO) known as Legal protection and life improvement organization (LPLIO). LPLIO was established in 2015 with the aim of defending human rights and fighting poverty in society. LPLIO succeeded in having more than 200 members who were ready to set up a major economic project so that they could lift themselves out of poverty as LPLIO’s goal stated. At the beginning of 2016, JATU was established as a permanent project for LPLIO members and when the project began, the legal process required the project to become an independent trading company and thus forced the project from the LPLIO and therefore registered as a public company aimed at poverty alleviation and improving human health, in Swahili it’s called JENGA AFYA TOKOMEZA UMASKINI abbreviated to (JATU).

The main purpose of JATU being registered as a public company was to give more people in the community a chance to become part of the company’s ownership as well as allow ordinary investors to participate in participatory projects under JATU’s management thus eradicating poverty.


JATU is aiming at reaching all parts of Africa offering different opportunities in agriculture, industries, and marketing. The company believes this diversification will help in the utilization of human and natural resources in different areas and also provide opportunities such as employment, knowledge sharing, and products distribution. In Tanzania, JATU has managed to establish its business in all parts of the country. There are three levels of activities in our company; National Level, zonal level, and field-level as described below.


JATU PLC is a publicly listed company on the Dar es Salaam stock exchange owned by individuals and private institutions.


  • Agriculture (crop cultivation and livestock keeping), the company has heavily invested in different food crops such as maize, sunflowers, soya beans, wheat, paddy, oranges, avocados, and bananas. All these projects are owned by the company’s members and managed by the talented project team of the company.
  • Food processing: to enhance human health, the company is engaged in food processing such as maize flour, edible cooking oil, rice, beans, and fruits. Our industries are utilizing the raw materials taken from our farms.
  • Marketing, to eradicate poverty in society, the company has a marketing modal that allows profit sharing among the customers, and the customers have the opportunity to create their online market share through JATU MARKET APP which is available in the Play Store and App Store.
  • Financing, through her sister organization, JATU SACCOS LTD, the company provides financing mechanisms to her members in form of soft loans without interest rates, especially in agricultural projects. This program of financing farmers is aiming at motivating more people to participate in farming activities so that they can sell enough raw materials to the company’s processing plants.


These are different types of membership opportunities that the company offers

Customer member
This is a member who joins for the sole purpose of buying products through the JATU market system. This member has an opportunity to refer other people to the company by using the joining number as sponsor. He/she creates and manages their market shares and sales and hence eligible for-profit sharing of every purchase done through their accounts.

Ambassadors or agents
These are members who join the company with the main goal of selling JATU products or designing their products and selling them in the JATU system. They are empowered to train new members and become their sponsors during registration. They are paid by the company Depending on the number of people or customers they served and the profits they made.

They are members who own at least 50 shares in the company but also practice farming at least in one acre, cattle, or goats under the management of the Company. They are contributing to the major target of the company’s food production by ensuring the constant supply of raw materials to the factories through their farms.

These are members who become part of the company through owning company shares, they are also entitled to annual dividends if the company has made a profit in the financial year. Their room to join the company is through the Dar es salaam stock exchange where one can buy and sell shares depending on the market-driven price.

Legal Status


JATU is the first Tanzanian youth Led and founded company engaged in the entire agricultural value chain to enter the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. The company was listed on 23 -11- 2020., and did its second IPO on June 2021 and attracted more than 12,000 new shareholders to the company. Any individual in the public is eligible to buy JATU shares and then participate in the company’s projects and services.


Start with one acre is a campaign that aims to help low-capital investors get involved in agriculture by starting to cultivate at least one acre or own one cattle without stress under the management of JATU PLC.



The JATU Directors are appointed by the Shareholders as provided in the Articles of Association of the JATU PLC. The company has seven directors including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the only executive director and the other six are non-executive directors this is in accordance with the capital markets and security Authorities (CMSA) and Dar es salaam stock exchange (DSE) regulations. Eng. DR. Zaipuna Yonah is the current chairman of the Board of directors.

Eng. Dr. Zaipuna Obedi Yonah was appointed JATU PLC Board Member and then elected Chairperson of the Board in June 2019. He holds a B.Sc. Degree (with Honors – 1985) in Electrical Engineering from University of Dar es Salaam- Tanzania; and M.Sc. (1988) and Ph.D. (1994) Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon-Canada. He is a Registered Consulting Engineer in Telecom/ICTs heavily involved with value creation, enablement, and protection through ICTs, a mindset to be applied into farming, food processing, product distribution, and demand creation for consumption of Agro-products.


The company’s management is under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Peter Isare Gasaya. Gasaya is the Founder and Current Chief Executive Officer at JATU PLC. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He has the desire to transform the African society targeting youths and women through wealth creation in Agro-tech activities.


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