JATU Agriculture

Jatu Company runs and manages various agricultural projects in collaboration with its members.

Agriculture for us Jatu is the main foundation and pillar of the company, where Jatu seeks out areas / farms and researches them technically and legally and when we are satisfied that the relevant areas are good for the intended agriculture then the company engages its members to own the farms. As the company assures its members a reliable market for their products through our factories.

Jatu has always been advising our members to own large and fertile farms that accept the products that the company needs in the production of our products. So far JATU in collaboration with our members have successfully owned three large farms located in Manyara, Morogoro na Tanga

In Manyara region Kiteto district JATU is running a maize and sunflower farming project, where more than 2000 acres have already been cultivated, with the expectation of delivering 5,000 acres of the crop by 2022.

In Morogoro region in Kilombero district Jatu is based on rice farming, where so far more than 200 acres have been planted, with the company continuing to invest more in agriculture so that by 2022 there will be about 1000 acres of rice cultivated.

In addition, our plan JATU is to ensure that we establish farms in every district here in Tanzania and we will provide these farms with irrigation infrastructure, while accompanied by factories in it.

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