Main Objective

To improve health and eradicate poverty through human resources, agriculture and industry.


JATU connects farmers and enables them to modernize agriculture and after the harvest the company buys all the produce and later prepares products that will be sold to members through the online trading system (network marketing)network marketing).

Registration and Validity

JATU is registered with a number 130 452, Pia inatambulika na TRA kwa TIN namba 132-718-008 na leseni ya biashara ya kampuni ni B 2403057.  B 2357184Leseni ya Kutoa huduma za kimtandao (Online Shopping Services) namba TCRA/OCS-OO5/033/2019

key goals

To group together Peasants, Small holder Farmers and people with interest in Agriculture and help them conduct modern and scientific Farming in Large scale.

To establish Industries near Agricultural sites or Farm and undertake Industry activities in Food processing.

To conduct multi-level Marketing (Network Marketing) in selling different products and services to the society and ensure profit sharing among the members


Leaders of JATU PLC

Peter Isare Gasaya

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mohamed Issa Simbano

General Manager

Moses Lukoo

Head of ICT Department

Mohamed Wadi

Head of Administration and Human Resource Department

Esther Marino

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Chulle

Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department

Esther Philemon Kiuya

Jatu SACCOS Manager

Kenneth John Maganga

Head of Transport and Distribution Department

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