Main Objective

To improve health and eradicate poverty through human resources, agriculture and industry.


JATU connects farmers and enables them to modernize agriculture and after the harvest the company buys all the produce and later prepares products that will be sold to members through the online trading system (network marketing)network marketing).

Registration and Validity

JATU is registered with a number 130 452, Pia inatambulika na TRA kwa TIN namba 132-718-008 na leseni ya biashara ya kampuni ni B 2403057.  B 2357184Leseni ya Kutoa huduma za kimtandao (Online Shopping Services) namba TCRA/OCS-OO5/033/2019

key goals

To group together Peasants, Small holder Farmers and people with interest in Agriculture and help them conduct modern and scientific Farming in Large scale.

To establish Industries near Agricultural sites or Farm and undertake Industry activities in Food processing.

To conduct multi-level Marketing (Network Marketing) in selling different products and services to the society and ensure profit sharing among the members


Leaders of JATU PLC

Peter Isare Gasaya

Managing Director (CEO) of JATU PLC

Mr Peter Isare, is the Founder and Current Managing Director (CEO) of JATU PLC. Mr Isare holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (2016) from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Currently he is pursuing Masters of Business Administration at University of Dar es Salaam. He has a desire to transform the Tanzanian society, especially the youth in the country, through wealth creation by means of agro-activities.

JATU is more in line with Peter’s dream to have a vehicle to create wealth for those below the pyramid and to eradicate poverty in Tanzania. In his current role, he has gained a reputation for improving operational efficiency and maximizing growth by ensuring that everyone within his JATU’s team knows how important their role is to the company’s overall success. He has the dream of empowering youth and small holder farmers in Tanzania to own and manage their lives by profitably controlling the agro-value chain from collective farming, agro-processing, distribution and consumption of agro-products through JATU PLC.

Mohamed Issa Simbano

Director of Legal and Company Secretary

Mr. Simbano is a Director of Legal and Company Secretary. He studied at the University of Dar es Salaam (2012 – 2016) and graduated with a Bachelor of laws in 2016. He is both a Co-Founder of JATU PLC and Legal Protection and Life Improvement Organization (LPLIO) an NGO that fostered JATU idea as a project. He has also attended various DSE Training on Operational Management, Marketing and Sales, Financial Management, Leadership and Enterprise Governance, Intellectual Property Rights, Patent & Copy Rights Issues, Managing People and Talent, Business Strategic Plan and Business Financing Options.

He started practicing leadership since 2012 while at the University of Dar es Salaam. He is self-motivated learned professional, eager to learn and develop. He is a hard worker, cooperative and can work under minimum supervision to pursue a common goal. He is running with the vision of JATU PLC to empower other youth and small holder farmers in Tanzania.

Deborah S. Mavura

Company Secretary

Deborah S. Mavura holds a Masters Degree in Strategic and peace Studies from University of Dar es Salaam as well as Undergraduate Bachelor degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies from Kampala International University.
Before joining JATU PLC, Deborah worked for the following firms: TEG Consultancy an Auditing firm as Human Resource and Compliance Manager (July 2018 to Nov 2020). Human Rights Promotion Organization. (HRPO) as Project Manager (Feb 2012 to June 2016).
British Council as Project Assistant (April 2010 to April 2011). Deborah is also an AIESEC Alumni whereby during her membership with the organization she managed to hold a post of a Local Chapter Vice President Exchange from August 2009 to April 2010). During her Masters studies Deborah had an opportunity to attend for the 4th International Conference on Strategic Theory at Stellenbosch, South Africa as a report and editorial team member.

Aloyce Valentine Mushy

Head of Finance and Administration

CPA Aloyce Valentine Mushy is the Director of Finance at JATU PLC. He holds a B. Com Degree (with Honors – 1994) in Finance from University of Dar es Salaam. Certified Public Accountant (CPA - 2001) and a member of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) reg. GA 811.

He has 20 years’ experience in top level business environments. Before joining JATU PLC, He was an auditor for Hekima Associates and Karishoi Business Advisory Services Audit firms in (2014 – 2020). Finance Manager at Paylink Tanzania Ltd (2013 -2014), Chief Accounting Consultant with EMMAC Investment Consulting Ltd over years, Finance and Administration Manager at Colgate-Palmolive Tanzania Ltd (2006 – 2013), Cost and General Ledger Accountant at Coca Cola Kwanza Ltd (1994 – 2006).

Moses Lukoo

Director of ICT

Mr. Moses Lukoo William, is one of the Co-Founders and ICT Expert/Consultant at JATU PLC since 2016. He completed his Diploma studies in ICT at St. Joseph’s Institute of Business and Management in Morogoro, Tanzania and currently he is pursuing BICTs at College of Business Education. He was best overall student in his final year 2015/2016. He has five years of working experience and extensive professionalism in managing IT systems.

His areas of expertise include Systems Admin - installation, Network Troubleshooting, Maintenance and repair of computer hardware, Graphics Design and multimedia and on Capacity building through offering training on usage of online systems.

Mary Chulle

Head of Marketing and Public Relations Department

Esther Philemon Kiuya

Jatu SACCOS Manager

Kenneth John Maganga

Mkuu wa Idara ya Uzalishaji na Usambazaji

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