Our Products

We focused on food products such as; -

  1. Grains (Rice, Sembe, Dona, Peanuts and Wheat)
  2. Vegetables and meat (Beans, fish etc)
  3. Food ingredients (Sunflower oil, Tea, sugar, salt and etc.)
  4. Drinks (Drinking water, Fruits juice)
  5. Fruits (Banana, Pineapple, Avocado )

(So far we already have the following products; Rice, flour, sunflower cooking oil, tea, salt, drinking water, beans, nuts and more will come).

Jatu is based on products that are used daily in our families, with our goal being to have all the essential products in the JATU APP by 2022.

About Marketing Within JATU

The marketing of Jatu products is network marketing.  

Network marketing is possible by exchange of information between one person and another about a company's products.

The profits made from JATU's network marketing business are used to make a member a permanent monthly income from his or her purchases with his or her team/generation.

The person who joins the Jatu company must also agree to be among the buyers of the products produced by Jatu and will then receive a share of the profits of each product he buys (monthly dividend)

The business market goes hand in hand with the development of a consumer network of Jatu products. Whenever you buy someone who is in your network from generation 1 - 5 you will be receiving dividends which is equivalent to 40% of the total profit.

Jatu has also been providing marketing opportunities for products of other entrepreneurs (AMBASSADORS) who are members by allowing their products to be sold through the Jatu (JATU MARKET) system if the product is of good quality and desirable in the market. (For more information contact us or visit our offices).

Jatu uses an network marketing system to provide services and product purchases.

Network marketing is the business of exchanging information between one person and another about services and products that are available through our system (Jatu Market).

The Jatu Market system provides a member (customer) with the opportunity to make daily purchases by placing an order through the system and then delivering it to his or her place (home, work) when the customer completes the payment.

In order to successfully make a purchase or order through the Jatu Market system a member must follow the following procedures: -

  1.  Download Jatu Market via playstore and then sign up by filling out your correct information according to the instructions.
  2.  Log in to Jatu Market with your membership number with AA-XXXX or AB-XXXX ID format.
  3. When you enter Jatu Market you will see a section labeled 'Shop' where you will place an order where you will find a plus sign and click to bring you a list of regions with products, then select the region where you are and you will see all the products available in that region.
  4.  After you have seen the products then you will be able to choose the products you want and place an order, when you send an order you will be asked to choose an agent you know and you will be asked where the cargo should go to make it easier for the shipper to know where the cargo is going.
  5.  When an order is sent you will receive a text message via your mobile phone, the message indicates to the customer that he or she has successfully placed an order and must pay the amount specified in the message.Bill namba AB-2075-SB-0001 yenye kumbukumbu no. 213505 imefanikiwa kutengenezwa Tafadhali lipia jatu Sh. 5000/= ili uweze kuletewa mzigo” ujumbe huo unamuonesha mteja husika kwamba amefanikiwa kuweka oda na anapaswa kulipia kiwango kilichoainishwa kwenye ujumbe husika.
  6. After the message the customer will have to enter the Tigo Pesa or M-Pesa menu and follow the following procedures: -
  • Pay with M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa
  •  Choose pay with M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa
  •  Then select the section to fill in the business number
  •  Enter the business number correctly, which is 370033
  • Then write down the reference number you received in the text message (text message) via your mobile phone.
  • After that you will receive a message as soon as you make the payment, you will receive a short text message (sms) from Jatu which is like a receipt to you customer.

After all these procedures you will have successfully completed the transaction yourself and you will also be able to see your dividend as a member. Keep in mind that this system also allows you to purchase as many times as you can.

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