This is the SACCOS of the Jatu people who lend to its members at interest and soft terms. Jatu SACCOS assists its members by lending them tools and agricultural inputs, but also a jatu member who participates in agriculture in partnership with Jatu can get a loan three times the amount of money he has kept in SACCOS and the loan is completely interest free.


Jatu Company through its SACCOS(JATU SACCOS LIMITED) has been enabling its members to obtain low interest rates and completely interest-free loans to its members participating in JATU agricultural projects. The goal is to ensure that the person achieves his or her goals, including success in agriculture. The Jatu member qualified to join this SACCOS is the one who has joined the company and bought at least 50 shares. The admission of Jatu SACCOS is only 10,000 / = shillings.  imekuwa ikiwawezesha wanachama wake kupata yenye riba nafuu na mikopo isiyo na riba kabisa kwa wanachama wake wanaoshiriki miradi ya kilimo ya JATU.

Health Insurance

Every Jatu Member who has joined Jatu SACCOS and meets all the criteria including being an active member within 3 consecutive months, this one gets a chance to be integrated into the health insurance fund (if he or she needs it). The health insurance offered by JATU is affordable that every SACCOS member can afford.

NIA NJEMA Insurance through Jatu where it has been designed and coordinated by Acclavia Insurance Brokers. This insurance is a Medical Insurance scheme for groups.

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