Jatu Company establishes small-scale factories around agricultural projects, with the aim of facilitating access to raw materials.

Through these industries, the company buys the products of farmers who are our members and prepares the products that we sell through the JATU APP for the purpose of online marketing (Network Marketing). A member of Jatu who has been involved in farming with the company gets the opportunity to sell his produce in our factories including the flour factory located in Kibaigwa - Dodoma and that of Igima, Mbingu in Kilombero district in Morogoro region which processes rice and adds value there is also a value adding factory of beans in Kilindi - Tanga.

However, Jatu is committed to building as many factories as possible in the country. every district we invest in agriculture must have a specialized processing plant for the crop to be grown in the respective project.

Currently the Kibaigwa-Dodoma factory and the Mbingu factory - Morogoro are progressing well and thus making the company focus more on the Kilindi - Tanga factory for beans.

In addition, JATU's mission is to build a larger and more modern factory in Kiteto district in Manyara region. The factory will focus on the preparation of dona and sembe flour as well as cooking sunflower oil.

Jatu Company through its factories has always been proud of the quality of good products.

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